Healing with common herbs

I live in a magical city called London, which is extremely busy, highly polutted and for this reason at times seems nuts to grow something that will stay alive. However with little care, water and the random sunny hour of the day, herbs can truly show you what a miracle is!!!!

What are herbs useful for?????

Bad breath or tummy aches? MINT

Stress relief? ROSEMARY

Antioxidants and gum diseases fighter? : SAGE

etc…..etc….the list is strongly supported by science and crosses Tower bridge and beyond… 😉

Back in the days……

Until the 17th Century, herbs were the principal ingredients of medicinal practice! However, since then they’ve been replaced by synthetic products. But not everything is loose, in some areas of the world such as South America, India, and China, they still widely use herbs as medicine.

Having a herb garden is actually a “medicine box”.

How should we “design” this “medicine box”? what herbs are essential in our garden?

As most herbs that we grow in the garden have a relatively short life span, the functions of these herbs are most likely inclined towards detoxification.

There are 5 families of herbs that are worth growing in our gardens, balconies, by the window, etc:

  1. Mint
  2. Camomille
  3. Rosemary
  4. Parsley
  5. Sage: in the picture on the left, isnt this green lady beautiful?

Hence we know these herbs are good for building a life force!

The number of herbs we can grow in our garden is basically endless. But with the use of only 5 types of herbs above, a lot of common sicknesses could be quickly attended to.

Before bringing the curtain down…

Many minor ailments can be alleviated using common garden herbs. However, if you’re ill or have a known condition, don’t self-medicate – go to a qualified herbalist or your GP to be treated.

The next post is already cooking in the oven ^^ See you around the corner 🙂


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