Welcome to your 80:20!


I hate diets and I have never done one. When I came across to this article from Dominik Nischwitz (also a dentist) I realized what I was always trying to achieve in my daily life was something sooooo real and so many people were already on this journey! In all honestly, my plan perhaps is something more like 70, 60:40 most of the time, but that’s OK…. Softly, softly, catchee monkey.

I grew up in the countryside surrounded by street markets and lots of fresh fish coming from the coast, so I’ve always craved that in my diet. However, I also melt instantly with a good burger (I think I’ve said that before because a burger is always a good plan :D)

In truth, a hit of delicious fatty food always gives me a short but sense of content, however, rough food boost my mood, makes me feel easy, energetic and burns off the whole stressful hormones that make our immune system weak.

The expression 80:20 refers to getting 80 percent of food from the “Superfoods” category, and 10 percent (one portion per day) from the “Good Carbohydrates” category, in the evening (to make the most of the relaxing effect of carbohydrates). , ideally in the evening or after exercise rather than for breakfast, and the remaining 10 percent from the “Allergy Triggers, Toxins, and their Alternatives” category.

Many people think this is an 80/20 diet.

The 80/20 rule for eating isn’t a diet. It’s a fun guide to following a healthy balanced sustainable lifestyle.

The guide focuses on eating healthily for around 80% of the time and then allows for a little bit of indulgence in other foods or treats of your choice for the other 20% of the time.

But following the 80/20 rule is a healthy, less-restrictive eating option that doesn’t feel like a diet. Eating 80/20 is more “real-life” and easier to follow than other eating plans because it allows you to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation while eating healthy at the same time.  

Keep it simple and do it slowly to begin with, you can and will not be perfect all the time. Write your plan for the week ahead down. It’s a good idea to cook double so you can freeze the extra portions for another time

For the “80 percent” part of the plan, focus on drinking lots of water and eating nutritious foods that include: 

Whole grains

Fruits and vegetables

Lean protein, including plant-based proteins such as beans, soy, and edamame.

Before bringing the curtain down…

The greatest way to keep our diets simple and healthy is to imagine that we are still hunter-gatherers – headphone-wearing hunter-gatherers. Even though there is a virtually infinite choice of foods to choose from today, our genetics have not changed in the last thousands years! remember what we ate when there were no chemicals or ready-made products? The best options we have are those foods that we could theoretically hunt, fish, or gather.

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