Why have a holistic approach to your dental care?

I was skeptical at first, as anyone would feel when a “scientifically proven fact” is proven wrong. Curiosity has helped me realize that I have been told so much rubbish by some pharmaceutical companies in the past. It makes sense given the power of marketing and the influence has in our dental lives.

Every day, we are surrounded by thousands of synthetic chemicals and metals. They are in our water, food, and clothes (fast fashion).

Unfortunately, despite their usefulness, we know many of these substances can have negative impacts on our health and environment.

As the world around us gets increasingly overloaded with chemicals that are harmful to us, our body’s toxic load becomes more and more overwhelming.

Most studies so far, have investigated the effects of only single chemicals and their safe thresholds but people are constantly exposed to a mixture of them.

This combined exposure can lead to health effects, even if single substances in the mixture do not exceed safe levels.

Traditional dental materials contain BPA’s, fluoride compounds, metal alloys, mercury, and more. These aren’t just around for a little while. They sit in your mouth all day, mixing with your saliva and getting absorbed into the body.

The digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems come together in the mouth. It is in the mouth that the blood, mixed with the oxygen nourishes the teeth one by one, entering each tooth through its root. This provides a continuous exchange of nutrients between the mouth and the rest of the body. THE MOUTH MAKES THE MAGIC – whatever material we have in our mouth impacts our health…

Before bringing the curtain down…

Today is International Tap dancing day! and towel day as well, but..didn’t find a proper video for that ;-D

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