What teledentistry is?

What will you think if I tell you that, you can have an appointment at home, in a hoodie and wrapped in blankets? The world is constantly changing because of technology and this is now possible!

It’s called Teledentistry – it is the creation of virtual contact in order to treat patients. We can now meet with patients through video conferencing, online portals, etc. These appointments can happen anywhere and anytime.

A recent study from King’s college London found that tele-dentistry may be a valid option for first stage triage or follow-up consultations, saving patients attending clinics in person.

While you can’t drill a cavity or clean teeth over a Zoom meeting, we can use a virtual dental appointments to:

  • Run a virtual intake appointment for a new patient.
  • Prescribe emergency medication so that a patient can get immediate relief outside of office hours
  • Allow patients in remote areas to consult without driving into the city.
  • Coach patients by giving them advice in home-care, oral hygiene instructions, and reassurance through follow-up video consultation to review the problem.
  • Evaluate the condition of a dental appliance.
  • Follow-up appointments for patients going through myofunctional therapy
  • Oversee the work of a hygienist working off-site, such as in a prison, school, or nursing home.
  • Present treatment plans and financing options after an initial in-office examination or consultation.

WOW! that is an interesting list – full of possibilities for both patients and dentist! 🙂

This alternative way of appointment can ensure that patients still get the quality dental care they need. While we don’t know exactly what the future holds, we know that Teledentistry will continue to offer practical dental solutions for many years to come.

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