3 simple steps to brush the unbrushable

Will you believe that brushing teeth ranks 8th in the top hardest things to teach kids? PACEY has revealed this information according to a survey of 2,000 parents across the UK.


We must praise kindness and caring as important values at the early age. Us dentists and parents must lead by example. Kids are discovering a fascinating world, and they need a WHY to act on something, just like we adults do. So, the first thing is to EXPLAIN to them with clear and simple words WHY is so important to keep teeth clean and free from yucky germs – this should be reinforced every time! Specially in the first stages of brushing.

Music is always a good idea!😎

A review made by Lutz Jäncke in 2008, in the Department of Neuropsychology at University of Zurich, Switzerland – concluded that music has such a strong influence on our emotions and our cognitive system. Therefore, what do you think might happen if we play a song that your child really enjoys while brushing? I believe bristles will happily hit the dancefloor! Choose a song that your kid has tuned with. Turn tooth-brushing time into a happy time. Parents and guardians do not be shy and join them!

Running in lack of ideas? Here we go with a few😊

Toothbrushing in children should last about 2 minutes – which is usually how longs a song lasts. No dull timers needed.

Get them involved

Parents ask me: Carla, my 8-month-old won’t let me brush his teeth! What can I do? – As a matter of fact, kids want to experience what it feels like to be in charge, and I don’t blame on them, probably I was the same! 😉 Sooo.. here an important question pops in, how can we share the power? – I have two options for you:


A: Give your child a toothbrush to hold and then use another, sometimes they are distracted enough that you can get yours in there and brush.

B: Let your kid brush first, and then finishing the job yourself is also a good strategy. If you’re tempted to skip your turn with the toothbrush, don’t be. Kids this age can’t be counted on to properly clean their teeth.

Take them shopping for their toothbrush and toothpaste.  Kids enjoy choices and that makes them feel empowered. Create a “tooth fun diary” with them.

Note. This article would have been impossible to write without the parents & guardians’ kindness in surgery. I’d like to name you all, you guys always give me brilliants ideas to share with others – THANK YOU.

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