Why have a holistic approach to your dental care?

I was skeptical at first, as anyone would feel when a “scientifically proven fact” is proven wrong. Curiosity has helped me realize that I have been told so much rubbish by some pharmaceutical companies in the past. It makes sense given the power of marketing and the influence has in our dental lives. Every day, weContinue reading “Why have a holistic approach to your dental care?”

Does mouthwash improve oral hygiene?

This is one of the most common questions I get every day. Commercials and advertisements tend to confuse everyone, so sometimes we end up paying for something that will damage our health, rather than benefit it. Yes, no, maybe The answer is yes and no. There are mouthwashes that are good for your oral healthContinue reading “Does mouthwash improve oral hygiene?”

Healing with common herbs

I live in a magical city called London, which is extremely busy, highly polutted and for this reason at times seems nuts to grow something that will stay alive. However with little care, water and the random sunny hour of the day, herbs can truly show you what a miracle is!!!! What are herbs usefulContinue reading “Healing with common herbs”

Pick of the week 3!

Episode 3 Protagonist: Orange essential oil Boom booom bombastic!✨✨✨✨ Going back to the essential oils I wrote few months ago, I would like to introduce you to this MUST HAVE esential oil. Anxiety is a common problem for parents with children when going to the dentist. This feeling is often associated with an uncertain psychologicalContinue reading “Pick of the week 3!”