The laziest solution for amazing health

Have you ever dreamed of a secret formula to keep your teeth clean? You won’t believe it!… IT IS A TYPE OF SUGAR Cha cha cha chaaaan…….. their name are: Sorbitol and Xylitol ! 😀 What is Sorbitol? Sorbitol is a water-soluble sweetener that occurs naturally in many fruits. Sorbitol can be extracted from peaches,Continue reading “The laziest solution for amazing health”

How to improve your oral hygiene!

We get it. In today’s hyper-connected world, being busy is a badge of honor. We are addicted to speed, searching for our next source of stimulation. We complain about not having any free time, yet spending hours on social media, craving that stupidly elusive and ephemeral hit of dopamine. And while the internet provides soContinue reading “How to improve your oral hygiene!”

An early little trip to the dentist

Whether kids have a full set of teeth or just a few popping through, it is important to keep their tiny teeth and gums healthy. Most dentists recommend beginning your child’s regular dental visit around their first birthday. Don’t worry if your child is a bit older, it’s never too late! Besides making sure theirContinue reading “An early little trip to the dentist”

Mask mouth: how to prevent it?

While reading an article about saliva flow levels linked to mouth breathing while wearing a mask (I know, not the most glamorous topic but really fascinating to me!), instantly I thought to research more about it and share this insightful information and tips with you all! Regardless of where we all stand on the subjectContinue reading “Mask mouth: how to prevent it?”

The truth about Vitamin C

Autumn is coming soon, let’s get some vitamin C tablets! I used to hear this statement every single year when I was growing up. Now I hear the same line, but from patients who also wants to look after their health and “aimed at reducing colds during the winter season” – with the added question:Continue reading “The truth about Vitamin C”

The best tooth-friendly snacks for children

I was 9 years old when me and my sister were looking all over the house, desperate to find the secret key to open the cupboard, hearts pounding with excitement. A cupboard that opens the door to snack heaven. Triple chocolate chunk biscuits, cheetos and cheese ramitas (my favourites) were waiting for us there. IfContinue reading “The best tooth-friendly snacks for children”

Why use a SLS free toothpaste?

A few months ago, I used to be one of those clinicians who said: ‘As long as your toothpaste contains fluoride, then I am happy with whatever choice you make’. Or I would mention specific brands based on information we get  about things like sensitivity or abrasiveness, for example. My old advice generally was toContinue reading “Why use a SLS free toothpaste?”

6 great home remedies to fight bad breath

No matter how many times you brush your teeth or how many sticks of spearmint gum you chew, this morning’s onion bagel just won’t take a hike. We’ve all been there, until you discover that the solution it is much simpler than you think! It is very common problem! Nearly more than 50% of theContinue reading “6 great home remedies to fight bad breath”