Pick of the week 3!

Episode 3 Protagonist: Orange essential oil Boom booom bombastic!✨✨✨✨ Going back to the essential oils I wrote few months ago, I would like to introduce you to this MUST HAVE esential oil. Anxiety is a common problem for parents with children when going to the dentist. This feeling is often associated with an uncertain psychologicalContinue reading “Pick of the week 3!”

Pick of the week 2!

Protagonist: Bamboo Interdental brushes Today is all about these small sticks and the common questions that we all have What is an Interdental Brush? “Interdental” means between the teeth. An interdental brush is designed to help you clean the sides of your teeth and between your teeth no matter how tight or wide the space.Continue reading “Pick of the week 2!”

Thumbsucking non-stop!

From the moment they first discover their fingers and toes (consciously or not), many babies have a fascination with sucking their thumbs! Thumbsucking is a natural reflex for children. Sucking on thumbs, fingers, pacifiers, or other objects may make babies feel secure and happy and help them learn about their world. Young children may also suckContinue reading “Thumbsucking non-stop!”